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Pedestrian safety & Drivers awareness

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"Has anyone called you to tell you they loved you today"?

This made me stop... & smile; I miss hearing those words almost daily from him."   -  Dianne

                                    IN LOVING MEMORY OF Charles Henry Wolcott 10/26/1954 ~ 9/20/2018 

                                       This foundation is committed to saving lives through education!

Charles Henry Wolcott - ironically, I once dubbed, "my professional pedestrian", was hit by a car; yes he was walking in a
crosswalk on a beautiful Summer morning (7-18-07) two blocks from his home in Corona CA. He was headed for a haircut.


The man driving the truck "was late for work" so he went around the first stopped car in the lane closest to where Charlie stood. As Charlie reached in front of the only empty lane, the truck slammed into my brother with such extreme f0rce, he never knew what hit him. Charlie was in a comatose state for 6 years and on life support and a feeding tube for 11 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       God called him home on September 20th, 2018. 

Pupus for Pedestrians Fundraiser for "Charlie's Cause Inc.", named for my brother Charles Henry Wolcott. This foundation is committed to saving lives through education!


Let's improve the safety & awareness for pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers and drivers alike.


A Hawaiian Themed (Pu-Pu's are hors d'oeuvres in Hawaii) event - casual and comfortable! Please come dressed in your favorite Aloha Attire.



Founded on Cinco de Mayo 2015


100% of ALL PROCEfEDS benefit Charlies Cause.

We are a 501(c)(3)  



"In n Out"!!!


When listening to music, whether you are walking or driving, have one ear bud in and one out. The one out should be facing the street so you can hear vehicles approaching. 


No amount is too small. This is a "grass-roots" organization committed to saving lives!


BE THERE TO LEARN MORE OR VOLUNTEER - become an ambassador on behalf of ALL pedestrians, runners & bicyclist

Charlie's Cause

c/o Colleen Cain

200 S. Main Street

Suite 130

Corona, CA 92882

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